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Mentor, Ohio 44060

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Owner: Fred, Manager: Geta

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Wholesale Orders accepted with a minimum of 24 hours notice and quantity of five dozen or more, (15% discount).



Regular Spudnuts
$0.85 each, $9.25 Dozen
  Coffee, Hot Tea, Hot Chocolate
$1.35 $1.60 $2.00
$1.20 each, $13.45 Dozen
$1.50, $1.75
$2.00 each, $23.05 Dozen
  Iced Coffee
Muffins, Danish, Brownies
$2.25 each, $26.05 Dozen
  Juice $1.49
Pop $1.49
$1.35 each, $15.25 Dozen
  Milk - White & Chocolate
$1.10, $1.35, $1.75


In 1938 the Pelton Brothers of Salt Lake City, Utah started peeling potatoes and adding the resultant potato flour to their donut mix.
The product was so light and tasty they had a hard time keeping up with demand. They franchised their product and it was very successful.

In 1972 being basically unemployed (trying to sell real estate in President Nixon's recession: sort of like trying to sell real estate in 2009)
I looked up "Spudnuts" at the Morely Library, made a phone call, and as they say the rest is history. We started in Bud Osborne's Diner on Mentor Avenue. My wife, Margaret, waited counter and finished donuts overnight while I made the donuts. Our children slept in a playpen in the basement of the Diner. I was a little slow on the learning curve, so the yeast raised dough would "grow" faster than I could cut it, the Cinnamon Rolls came out the size of dinner plates and that became our signature product. We moved to a larger location on Center St. in 1981 and at one time or another had four other locations in Lake County besides our Mentor loacation Some years were better than others, but it's been an interesting and enjoyable trip for 37 years.

We really do appreciate the loyalty of our Customers and think Lake County has been a great place to live and raise our children.

Fred Lorenz